LED Professional Symposium 2013

Paul Grogan, CTO, to speak at LED Professional Symposium

25th September, 11:30 – 12:00, Bregenz, Austria

Paul GroganPaul will present “Fundamental Principles of Digital LED Lighting Control” highlighting the benefits of digital control and explaining why the digital revolution brings additional flexibility, reliability and cost savings for LED systems. The fundamental principles behind digital control and their suitability to LED lighting will be discussed using a real world design example.

The audience can gain a broad appreciation of:

  • Requirements that favour digital approaches
  • Digital control technologies for LED lighting
  • Digital control algorithms for lower cost, more flexibility and reliability in designs
  • The future of digital controls for LED lighting

Come along and listen to the presentation and meet with Paul.

Event:LED Professional Symposium, LpS 2013
Location:Bregenz, Austria, 24-26 September 2013
Presentation:"Fundamental Principles of Digital LED Lighting Control"
Driver and Controls II-2
11:30 – 12:00, Wednesday 25th September

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