Digital Controller IC for Non-Dimmable LED Lighting

The IKS2051 is a high performance AC-DC SMPS controller IC for LED drivers which uses proprietary digital control techniques to achieve high PFC and high efficiency, all in a small form factor and at low cost. The digital controller simplifies the design process, enables the elimination of external components and operates in quasi-resonant mode to maximize efficiency and simplify EMI design.

This results in a more compact design, better reliability and a reduced bill of materials cost.

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Product Features

  • Proprietary Digital Architecture
    • Proprietary primary side control
    • Adaptive digital quasi-resonant operation
    • User optimization of PFC and output current ripple
      • High PFC mode (> 0.98)
      • Reduced ripple mode
    • Internal digital compensation
  • Performance
    • PFC with reduced output ripple in a single stage
    • High efficiency (85%)
    • Low startup current (typically 20μA)
    • Universal mains operation
  • Protection
    • Soft start protection
    • Over-voltage protection
    • Over-current protection
    • Over-temperature protection
  • Package
    • 8 lead SOIC