Careers at Ikon Semiconductor

Ikon Semiconductor is headquartered in Dublin Ireland and is a privately held fast growing fabless semiconductor company developing advanced digitally controlled power management products. Our first products are digitally controlled AC-DC controller ICs and will address the rapidly growing global LED lighting market.

We are constantly seeking to expand our team with highly skilled and motivated people and can offer a technically challenging environment where your efforts will make a real difference. Please see below for current open career opportunities at Ikon Semiconductor. If any of these positions is of interest please contact us at


Senior SMPS Applications Engineer

The candidate will have 8+ years experience and will have a strong background in AC-DC Switch Mode Power Supplies, will be familiar with isolated and non-isolated topologies and will be able to design to considerations of high efficiency and small size.

The successful candidate should have experience in designing SMPS products in the 1W to 100W range in applications such as power adaptors, battery chargers and LED lighting. An understanding of magnetic design and manufacture, various circuit topologies (such as flyback, buck, boost and buck-boost) as well as component specification and selection (both active & passive) will be necessary.

The following summarize the key responsibilities of the successful candidate.

  • Design and development of off-line mains voltage Switching Power Supplies (SMPS) at power level of 1-100w.
  • Design and development of power factor correction (PFC) circuits for off line mains voltage switching power supplies.
  • Design and test of switching power supplies to EMC standards.
  • Thermal design of SMPS.
  • Design for low EMI.
  • Design for high volume low-cost manufacture.


Senior SMPS Controller IC Designer

The candidate will have 8-10 years of analog IC design experience primarily in the area of IC design of SMPS controller products, AC-DC and/or DC-DC. Experience will include some or all of the following.

  • Design of offline (AC-DC) SMPS controller ICs and/or DC-DC SMPS controllers including designs with integrated Power MOS or BJT (up to 650V to 750V) as well as controllers to be used with external discrete Power MOSFETs or BJTs.
  • Ideally would have experience designing on a range of processes such as BCD and BiCMOS but also Bipolar and CMOS.
  • Design of controller ICs for use in isolated and non-isolated AC-DC converters incl:
    • PFC controllers.
    • Primary and/or secondary side controlled flyback converters.
    • Flyback based converters for LED lighting applications.
    • Controllers for non-isolated topologies such as buck and boost.
  • The person should be familiar with the various control algorithms used in SMPS converters as well as in the circuit implementation of the key building blocks used in such converters.
  • Relevant experience in leading or supervising small teams in the development of complete ICs from specification through to volume production would be an advantage.